Patient Feedback, Comments, Concerns and Complaints

NHS Shetland is committed to improving services for all our patients and their families. One of the ways we can do this is by hearing directly from our service users about their experience of healthcare and treatment and taking any actions that may be required.

There are a number of ways we get feedback, and you can find more information from the links below:

How do you feel about the services you have received?

If you would like to leave us some feedback about your experience we would be pleased to hear from you. Your compliments, comments and suggestions, concerns and complaints really help us to improve the services we provide.

A Feedback and Complaints Factsheet is available to help you leave feedback or make a complaint. The leaflet includes what you can complain about, where you can get help, who to complain to and the timescales for handling your complaint.

For full details on the Feedback and Complaints process please refer to the full policy document available here: Complaints Handling Procedure

It can be found in many places including all hospitals, health centres, the library, the Citizens Advice Bureau and Advocacy Shetland. The leaflet is also available in a variety of formats and languages. To see the range of these and to access an online feedback and complaints leaflet, please visit the NHS Inform website.

When we receive a complaint we do our best to resolve it quickly and to your satisfaction. We will write to you to explain what steps we are taking to investigate your complaint and again at the outcome of the investigation.

We always try to respond to all forms of feedback as quickly as possible, and use the information we get to publicise how we have learned from patient experiences.

Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS)

If you are unsure about leaving some feedback and would like to speak to someone, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01595 743064 or 743069.

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