Community Healthcare Services

Welcome to the community healthcare pages which are designed to provide information, to care professionals and the general public, about the role and range of activities of the Shetland Community Health Partnership (CHP), part of NHS Shetland.

If you wish to register at a local GP Practice, you can do so in advance by completing the following General Medical Practice Registration Form (Adobe PDF). Take the completed form to your local Health Centre where they will ask you for identification to verify who you are and then your registration will be processed.

More information can be found here: Registering with a GP Practice GPR Form FAQs

To find out more information about healthcare services for any part of the islands, please select and click on an area of the map below.

Map of Shetland Lerwick Scalloway and Central Mainland Aithsting and Sandsting Walls and Sandness South Mainland Delting, Nesting and Vidlin Northmavine Whalsay Bressay Papa Stour Yell Unst Fetlar Out Skerries Fair Isle Foula

Shetland Healthcentres

Bixter Health Centre
Tel: 01595 810202

Brae Health Centre
Tel: 01806 522543

Hillswick Health Centre
Tel: 01806 503277

Lerwick Health Centre
Tel: 01595 693201

Levenwick Health Centre
Tel: 01950 461222

Scalloway Health Centre
Tel: 01595 880219

Unst Health Centre
Tel: 01957 711318

Walls Health Centre
Tel: 01595 809352

Whalsay Health Centre
Tel: 01806 566219

Yell Health Centre
Tel: 01957 702127


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