Coming To Hospital / Patient Travel

In recent months the Board has been considering changing the default mode of patient travel to travel by boat. However, on 23 May the Board agreed that we should take up revised prices offered by Loganair, which include a reduced flight price for medical escorts. It is estimated that this will save the Board around £306k in a full year.

We believe this now reflects the best value for money, taking into account some of the issues that would have been experienced in implementing a boat only travel option.

We will continue the work we are doing with our Area Medical Committee to agree revised criteria for “medical escorts” to try and make these clearer to patients and clinicians.

It is also important to emphasise that patients can still choose to travel by boat if they wish and we patients are encouraged to consider the ferry option if this is practical for them. Boat travel will also allow a patient to be accompanied at very little additional cost if they are not eligible for a clinical escort.

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