Coming To Hospital / Patient Travel

At the public meeting of the Health Board on 14th March 2017 a paper was discussed and debated that may potentially change how you travel to Aberdeen. The Board paper as a public document can be read here:

At present nothing has changed as the implantation date for the proposed changes has yet to be confirmed. This means at present you still have the choice to travel via Northlink Ferry Service or fly to Aberdeen Airport.

A number of issues about the proposed changes and how this might affect you are set out in the frequently asked questions guide.

Lastly please note that when the proposal starts individuals that choose to fly and then claim reimbursement from the Board for expenses incurred, cannot use the Air Discount Scheme when booking this flight.

The terms and conditions of the ADS scheme prohibits use were costs will be reimbursed by a public body such as the NHS or a private business.

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