These pages will provide you with information on all the healthcare services available for Foula.

Medical cover for Foula is provided by the Walls Health Centre. There is also a resident district nurse.


There is no chemist on Foula. The Walls Health Centre can dispense medicines prescribed by the doctors who can also give advice on 'over the counter' medicines you can buy either from local shops or one of the community pharmacies in Lerwick. Pharmacists in the community pharmacies or in the Gilbert Bain Hospital Pharmacy are always pleased to give advice on medicines irrespective of where they are bought or obtained from.


There is no resident podiatrist, on the island. NHS Shetland staff visit the island regularly and hold clinics at the nurse's surgery as well as conducting home visits for people who are medically housebound. Call 01595 743317 for all information and details. The NHS Shetland Podiatry Department is based in Lerwick.

Community Nursing

There is a district nurse based on Foula. For more information on the services provided by community nursing staff please refer to the Community Nursing Department section.


There is no dentist resident on the island, but Shetland NHS dental staff visit once a year - otherwise residents use the dental services available on the Shetland Mainland. Please refer to the Dental Services page for details on the services provided in the islands.

Mental Health Team

The Community Consultant Psychiatrist holds regular clinics in the Walls Health Centre and appointments can also be held in the Team's main offices in Lerwick. The Community Psychiatric Nurse usually sees patients in the Community Mental Health Team's offices in Lerwick, although home visits are possible if essential. All referrals are made through the local GP. Appointments can be carried out using a video conference link between the Health Centre and the Mental Health Team's main offices in Lerwick and a video conference link can also be used for relatives of patients who are in hospital on the Scottish mainland. The Mental Health Team also provides a number of Shetland-wide services, including services for children and young people.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy in the community is provided by the Council's Social Care Department. The NHS Shetland Occupational Therapy Department sees patients from all over the islands and carries out assessments in the home if required.


There is no optician on Foula. Please refer to the Ophthalmic Services page to find details of all the optician services available in Shetland.


The service is provided by the Physiotherapy Department at the Gilbert Bain Hospital in Lerwick. For details and appointments please call 01595 743323. Patients can be seen in their own homes if medically housebound. The paediatric physiotherapists work out of the main Physiotherapy Department at the Gilbert Bain Hospital in Lerwick. Call 01595 743323 for details.

at the Gilbert Bain Hospital in Lerwick. Call 01595 743323 for details.

Speech and Language Therapy

Staff from the Speech and Language Therapy Department can visit the island if necessary to carry out an assessment - and appointments can be made for clinics at the Gilbert Bain Hospital's Children's Services Department. Call 01595 743027 for full information.

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