Mental Health Team

The Mental Health Team are responsible for five areas of service provision within NHS Shetland. All of these services are accessed via a GP. The aim of the department is to ensure that people are seen by the most appropriate clinician as quickly as possible.

Contact Details

Lerwick Health Centre
South Road

Tel: 01595 743006 Fax: 01595 696559

Mental Health Services
The work of the department is supported by the Executive Manager Mental Health, Mental Health Team Manager, Dementia Services Development Manager, Annsbrae Services Manager and provides the following services:

Community Psychiatric Service
Consultant Psychiatrist
Community Psychiatric Nurses (CPNs)
Specialist Social Worker

The Community Psychiatric Service provides both office based and home appointments, with out- patient clinics being held in all Health Centres throughout Shetland.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
Please refer to the CAMHS page for more information on this service

Annsbrae House Supported Accommodation & Mental Health Community Support Service
Annsbrae House provides 8 supported tenancies and one respite place for people with mental health difficulties. An outreach service is also provided from Annsbrae and this can be accessed through the Mental Health Department. The outreach service can help people with daily living skills and provide support and monitoring of their mental health.

Psychological Therapies Service
Psychological Therapists
Self Help Facilitator
Living Life - free confidential telephone service based on CBT (Tel: 0800 328 9655)

The Psychological Therapies Service provide access to non-pharmacological interventions in accordance with the guidance provided in the Scottish Government publication "The Matrix" for people with mental health needs. Where appropriate, psychological therapies are used to complement more traditional psychiatric interventions.

Substance Misuse Service
Substance Misuse Nurses (Substitute Prescribing & Alcohol Detox)
Substance Misuse CPN
Substitute Prescribing GP
GP with Specialist Interest in Dual Diagnosis
Support Worker

This service operates from within the Mental Health Department. It is funded by the Shetland Alcohol and Drugs Partnership (SADP) and works alongside other agencies in the wider field of Substance Misuse (e.g. Community Alcohol & Drugs Service Shetland).

Memory Assessment Service
Lead Nurse Specialist
"Visiting" Consultant Old Age Psychiatry Service (by Video Link)

The Memory Assessment Service is part of a programme that aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of dementias, the name given to specific organic illnesses that affect the normal working of the brain. These illnesses can be one of the reasons why people experience a deterioration in their memory and cognitive function.

Further Information & Support
Information about mental health (including contact numbers for people looking for help) is available at

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